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Minimal Access / Laproscopic Surgery

Minimal Access / Laparoscopic Surgery


Ashirvad Multi Specialty Hospital

Minimal access surgery is a surgical technique which involves small keyhole incisions instead of large cuts.The surgeon introduces a telescope with video camera through the incisions into the body cavity and operates by viewing the internal parts on a TV monitor.In traditional open surgery, the surgeon is unable to see directly into the patient without a large incision. The video camera efficiently becomes the surgeon's eyes in minimal access surgery since to perform the procedure the surgeon uses the image from the video camera placed inside the patient's body.

When the abdomen is operated using a telescope the procedure is called laparoscopy. On the other hand when used in a joint, it is called arthroscopy,and when used in the chest it is called thoracoscopy.


Laparoscopic or minimal access surgery helps in early recovery of patients as they are usually walking around in a few hours after the surgery and can resume their daily activities in no time. Laparoscopic surgery causes minimal pain and has excellent cosmetic results when compared to open surgery. in laparoscopic or minimal access surgery patient experiences less pain, less scarring and has a shorter recovery time.Laparoscopic surgery can successfully treat gallbladder stones, appendix, hernia ,anorectal conditions and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract uterus and ovaries.

The Unit of Laparoscopic surgery at Ashirvad Multi Speciality Hospital has been associated with the establishment and propagation of laparoscopic surgery in Eastern UP since 2002. The unit is headed by Dr Shalabh Gupta who has trained in laparoscopic surgery in England for 6 years and came back to India in 2002.We have performed more than 18000 laparoscopic surgeries at Aashirvad since 2002 to which does not include approximately 12000 Diagnostic laparoscopic procedures for the management of infertility. We are the largest Centre for Gynae laparoscopic surgery in Eastern UP. We perform 1200 laparoscopic surgeries a year and approximately 1000 Diagnostic laparoscopy per year at Ashirvad Multi Speciality Hospital .

The present team have been working together with the Gynaecology colleagues at Aashirvad for almost two decades and is committed to providing surgical excellence and best patient outcomes. Their efforts ,hard work and dedication towards work have made Ashirvad Multi Speciality Hospital one of the best laparoscopic surgery hospitals in Eastern UP.